Today in Free Agency

Tuesday March 17, 2015

Today in Free Agency


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Free Agency Transactions:

Chargers sign WR Stevie Johnson

– 3 years, 10.5 million with performance bonuses

Patriots sign RB Travaris Cadet

– 2 years, no further contract details, expected minimum

Raiders sign RB Trent Richardson

– 2 years, 3.9 million

Redskins re-sign QB Colt McCoy

– (Contract details not disclosed) Albert Breer reporting it might have been a one year deal


Vikings re-sign OT Mike Harris

– 1 year, 1.5 million

The Best:

It wasn’t a great day for free agency, and I’m not counting the Charles Clay deal since the Dolphins have a chance to match it. So among the contracts we have numbers for: Stevie Johnson to the Chargers makes the most sense.

Johnson has more talent than Eddie Royal and will play the same position. Johnson never had a chance to produce in San Francisco as Kaepernick scatter-shot bullets ten feet over everyone’s head. With a legitimate top-10 quarterback throwing to him, something Johnson has never gotten to experience, there is reason to believe he can excel in his new role. And at around 3.5 million per year, that’s a worthy investment.

The Worst:

Could it be anyone but Mark Davis and the Raiders? I don’t hate this move as much as most because I do think that Trent Richardson has talent and can work in the right situation (Dallas and their offensive line perhaps?) but the Raiders have neither talent nor continuity in abundance in their blocking unit. Richardson could play with a chip on his shoulder after a frustrating opening to his career, but the same argument could have been made for his move to Indiannapolis, and that ended up being a waste of a first round pick (yikes) and everyone’s time.

Still, Richardson has talent and the Raiders added a strong young center in Rodney Hudson, who knows? At nearly 2 million per year though, you have to question the decision making. This is definitely much more of a one-year prove-it type player at the veteran mimimum. He had no market. You’ve gotta wonder what goes on behind closed doors in Oakland.

What are the best and worst moves in free agency so far? Give me your slant in the comments section below.

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