A Prospect A Day: Quarterbacks, Carson Wentz Scouting Report

Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

6’5 233 lbs



Wentz is, easily, the most exciting quarterback prospect in the 2016 draft. A true gamer, Wentz thrives on pressure, is poised in all game situations and throws an absolute missile.

His deep throws are gorgeous, though the accuracy on those throws is spotty. His short and intermediate accuracy is, at times, unreal. He has ridiculous athleticism, especially for his size. A 6’5 233 lb man should not be able to move like he does.

He has a hurdle over two defenders in the open field against Iowa State that looks straight out of a video game. My main gripe with Wentz is he’s a little bit too aggressive.

He has a reckless abandon for his body and doesn’t appreciate the football enough, which results in boneheaded turnovers. But he has the makeup and DNA of a franchise quarterback.




Accuracy: 3 out of 5

Flashes some throws that are jaw dropping, but misses far too often, especially deep. Will need to clean that up to start at a high level.


Wentz accuracy

Gif via Draft Breakdown. Wentz shows poise and accuracy stepping up in the pocket and delivering a strike in double coverage against Division 1 Northern Illinois.


Power: 5 out of 5

His arm strength is on full display throwing a 10-yard out from the right hash straight to the left sideline against Montana this past season. His arm strength is right there with the Carr’s and Rodgers’ of the league.


Wentz power

Wentz drives the ball with velocity to the far sideline on a deep flag pattern. This is the kind of throw many college kids struggle to make. He makes it look easy.


On the run: 3 out of 5

Had a few excellent throws on the run, but must improve to be viable in the pros.


On the run

Wentz steps up in the pocket again here, but keeps head up looking for downfield target and delivers an accurate pass on the run.


Consistency: 3 out of 5

Wentz can go from a world beater to a circus clown from one play to the next, but he almost always brings the moxie and gamer-mentality, from game-to-game.


Field vision: 5 out of 5

He never misses an open man, and manipulates defenses with his eyes and body language constantly.


Athleticism: 5 out of 5

The best pure runner at quarterback in this class, and probably in a few classes, he has the vision, burst and brute strength to be a legitimate threat every play, and with his size, he always finishes forward for extra yards.


Wentz mobility.gif

Gif via Draft Breakdown. Wentz is among the most gifted play-makers in this draft class, and shows he’s a dangerous runner on this play.


Pocket awareness: 3 out of 5

When he trusts his blocking and steps up, he has gorgeous mechanics, but he’s too eager to move backward for his own good and must avoid that on the next level.


Poise: 5 out of 5

Wentz is a constant miracle worker. Even against the highest competition, he plays up to the moment and never looks like he’s doing anything other than having the time of his life. He is literally always loose.

Wentz poise pocket presence

Gif via Draft Breakdown. Shows poise to step past the rusher breaking free and is clearly loose and relaxed delivering an accurate strike downfield.


Clutch: 5 out of 5

Wentz thrives under the pressure of a game-ending situation. These are often some of his most brilliant moments consistently on tape. I was breathless watching his finish against Northern Iowa.


Size: 5 out of 5

Wentz looks like he was molded in a lab to play quarterback. Upper and lower body are equally powerful and he’s just a load to bring down.



NFL Comparison: Andrew Luck, QB, Colts

LuckWentz 1










While Wentz doesn’t have the polish of Luck coming out of Stanford, he has a ton of the same traits: plus athleticism to go with a rocket arm, throws a gorgeous ball into tight windows constantly, has the poise and confidence of a ten-year pro and is an absolute gamer, especially late in games.


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