Giants Free Agency 2016

Keenan Robinson, LB: 1 year, $3 million

Grade: C-


Robinson was an ok rotational linebacker for the Redskins but I don’t see much upside here. He probably shouldn’t have earned much more than the vet. minimum.

Still, there’s no risk here. It’s just another case of the Giants overpaying. They’ve been pretty incompetent this off-season.



Olivier Vernon, DE: 5 years, $85 million, $52.5 million guaranteed

Grade: Baalke’s Starting Quarterback Decisions Grade


Holy Crap. This is one of the most egregious over-payments to a defensive player I’ve ever seen.

The Giants must think they’re a couple of players away from a Super Bowl. They aren’t. This is going to cripple them. Vernon is not the best pass rusher in the league. He may not be in the top ten.

And yet, the Giants are paying him the largest deal in history for a defensive end. He’s getting paid almost as much per year as Osweiller. That is outrageous.



Damon Harrison, DT: 5 years, $46.25 million, $24 million guaranteed

Grade: B


Harrison is one of the last great nose tackles left in the NFL. He’s a brilliant run-stuffer that can get after the passer from time-to-time.

A presence like his is desperately needed on a Giants defense that was devoid of talent in 2015 and he should come in and produce up to expectation. The concern is obviously how much talent he had around him in New York, but I expect his skills to translate.

A little over $9 million per year is overpaying, but not egregiously. This was just a small amount over the expected going rate of a top free agent like Harrison.



Janoris Jenkins, CB:5 years, $62.5 million, $29 million guaranteed

Grade: C+


I love Janoris Jenkins’ potential. I do not love paying him premium starter money just because it’s a thin market.

Inevitably, some team was going to overpay for his services so I can’t knock the Giants too hard. They desperately need help everywhere on the defense, but the departure of Amukamara made corner a big concern.

Jenkins should come in and provide solid starter snaps, but I feel like this might end up very similar to the Maxwell deal last year. Hint: Maxwell is no longer on the team that overpaid for his services.



Re-Sign Jason Pierre-Paul: 1 year, $10.5 million

Grade: B+

I’m not as big a fan of JPP as most, and the fireworks incident has me majorly concerned with his long-term viability.

But I love a one-year contract, and I’m sure it’s incentivized out the yin-yang. Pierre-Paul is a solid run defender with pass rush ability, and so is a plug-and-play 4-3 end who flashes dominance.

However, I think 10.5 million is just a bit too much to pay for a guy who may never be the same. I felt a similar way about the Hardy contract last year. It’s not perfect just because it’s one year.

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