Jets Free Agency 2016

Jarvis Jenkins, DE: 3 years, $6 million

Grade: C-


Jenkins has been a disappointment since he came into the league. He’s got all of the physical tools to dominate but can’t put it together.

He’s 28 now so he probably won’t get much better, and right now he’s just an ok backup.

I question the Jets for signing a guy like that for 3 years, especially when it’s above the veteran minimum.



Re-Sign Zach Sudfeld, TE: no contract details

Grade: TBD



Re-Sign Bilal Powell, RB: 3 years, $11.25 million, $6 million

Grade: B

Powell is an excellent receiving back who can also provide some between the tackle runs.

Basically, he’s a poor man’s Darren Sproles. He doesn’t have near the skill-set Sproles has, and so paying him almost $4 million per year seems a little silly to me.

Maybe I’m being unfair since the Jets have been Gods of the running back market so far. This one is solid, not great.



Khiry Robinson, RB: 1 year, $1.175 million

Grade: A+


In a market for running backs that’s seen mediocre players like C.J. Anderson getting paid $4 million, it blows my mind to see a contract like this.

I’ve seen quite a bit of Robinson, and he has a punishing running style, reminds me of  a poor man’s Chris Ivory. That fits since he’s helping replace Ivory for the Jets, and for significantly less.

This is a coup for the Jets who have refueled their running back corps very well.



Matt Forte, RB: 3 years, $12 million, $8 million

Grade: A


What’s kind of tough to grade about this is the running back market is clearly different this season than it was last offseason.

Last offseason, premium running back numbers (Mark Ingram, C.J. Spiller) received $4 million a year. Those two guys in this market would probably get 5-6 mil.

My main point here is Forte is still an excellent all-around back who should still be a viable starter through the life of his deal and the Jets are getting him for less than the current going rate.

So it’s a win.

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