Panthers Free Agency 2016

Gino Gradkowski, C: no contract details

Grade: TBD




Joe Webb, QB: 2 years, $1.86 million

Grade: B+

Webb has starter experience, in the playoffs even. He’s an ideal backup behind Cam Newton, as they are similar players in terms of skill-set.

Webb offers solid accuracy and good power, to go with above-average mobility. He’s also apparently a very hard worker and strong locker room presence.



Re-Sign Mike Tolbert, RB: 2 years, $3.3 million

Grade: A+

Tolbert continues to be one of the great bargains in the NFL with this contract.

While he’s primarily a full back, he’s also a capable receiver out of the backfield to go with impressive running and blocking skills.

A full skill-set like that should warrant far more money than the just-over 1.5 mil per year he’s earning.



Re-Sign Charles Johnson: 1 year, $5 million

Grade: A+

This is the premiere move of the off-season so far and it will be hard to beat.

Johnson is still an above-average starting 4-3 end and came on strong, showing flashes of his 2013 form during the 2015 playoffs.

The Panthers get a player that could return to form for a major cut rate. Incredible. As if that defense wasn’t good enough already.



Re-Sign Stephen Hill, WR: 1 year, $600,000

Grade: B+

Hill has always been an intriguing player that was simply over-drafted and has never been able to put it together.

He has excellent height-weight-speed combination that teams covet at the receiver position, so he’s a worthy camp body.

In his fifth season in the NFL though, you have to start doubting if he’ll ever put it all together.

Panthers receiver’s coach Ricky Proehl said Hill was a great kid and a hard worker that checked his ego at the door, so maybe with the right mind-set, the ultra-talented 25-year-old can finally make his mark.

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