Texans Free Agency 2016

Jeff Allen: 4 years, $28 million

Grade: B+


Allen is a slight upgrade over the departed Brooks and is getting one million a year less.

He’s 27 years old so he could potentially grow as a player, either way he’s just entering his prime and is well-rounded as a pass and run-blocker.

I still think 7 mil per year is a little bit too much for an above-average starting guard. But it’s very close to correct market value.



Tony Bergstrom, C: no contract details

Grade: TBD




Lamar Miller, RB: 4 years, 26 million, $14 million guaranteed.

Grade: C


The Texans clearly needed to find an answer as they’re moving on from Arian Foster.

Miller represents a downgrade, however, and at a little over $5 million per season, he’s getting paid more than a very comparable running back in New Orlean’s Mark Ingram.

This is another case of overpaying in a thin market, and these teams are going to regret these deals.



Brock Osweiler, QB: 4 years, $72 million



Osweiler was only a viable starter because he was such a scheme fit for the Broncos.

He will not be better than Brian Hoyer and if the Texans expect him to be their quarterback of the future, they’re delusional.

This deal is warm, like some good Chef Boyardee, because it does my heart good to see dumb teams overpaying mediocre quarterbacks. $18 million a year? Really? He’s a backup. Oh man, this one is funny. The definition of a Baalke (F) grade.



Re-Sign Chris Clark, RT: 2 years, $6 million, $1 million guaranteed

Grade: B

Despite not playing terribly well in 2015 on limited snaps, Clark boasts an all-around skill-set as an excellent swing tackle.

He’s a fringe-starter, who can probably play about half a team’s starter snaps without too much issue. More than that will likely start to reveal some of his weaknesses.

At 3 mil per year, the price is just about right for Clark, who figures to bounce back after a down year, being just 30 years old. He’s not likely to begin serious regression before this contract is up.



Re-Sign Eddie Pleasant, S: 2 years, $2.15 million

Grade: A

Pleasant is an adequate reserve safety whose a hard hitter and solid tackler. He can also hold up in both zone and man, despite lacking overwhelming athleticism.

The price is just about right for a guy like Pleasant whose playing at the top of a fairly low ceiling.



Re-Sign Nick Novak, K: 1 year, $965,000

Grade: A+

Novak wasn’t good enough to hold onto the Chargers starting job for 2015, but was good enough to garner interest from a few teams before settling with the Texans.

He had an excellent year kicking in 2015, nailing 18 of 21 field goals but missed his second and third extra points of his career this year as well. He still has the leg to kick from beyond 50, but is known more for his accuracy.

Locking him up for another year for the vet. minimum is an awesome bargain.



Shane Lechler, P: 1 year, $1.8 million

Grade: C+

Lechler is getting older, having been in the league 16 years now.

He was always known for having a rocket leg and solid accuracy to go with it. In recent years, both of those attributes have dipped a bit, but he’s still a viable option as a starter and better than most available options.

Still, paying almost $2 million for him feels a bit egregious.

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