Colts Free Agency 2016

Scott Tolzien, QB: 2 years, $3.5 million

Grade: B-


Tolzien is another guy that sat behind Aaron Rodgers. Presumably, these guys have a golden opportunity to learn and develop, but there’s not a great history of success for these understudies in the NFL.

In preseason, Tolzien has shown solid decision-making, but an underwhelming NFL arm in terms of both accuracy and power. There’s not much more to glean from this.

I understand what the Colts envision with Tolzien, but I don’t see him being much of an upgrade over Ryan Lindley and Josh Freeman as a backup to Luck now that Hasselbeck has retired.



Forrest Hill, LS: no contract details

Grade: TBD




Dwayne Allen, TE: 4 years, $29.4 million, $16 million guaranteed


Yikes, this is a serious over-payment for potential. Allen was dreadful at times last season.

While he had a great 2014 season and has an impressive skill-set, some serious issues in his game (inconsistent hands, poor route-running) cropped up last year amidst a full-team collapse.

The Colts had better hope he suddenly fixes everything because they just bet over $7 million per year that he does. And the guaranteed money being over 50% of the contract is just icing on this awful cake. This is an easy Baalke (F) grade.

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