Packers Free Agency 2016

Re-Sign Lane Taylor, G: 2 years, $4.15 million, $600,000 guaranteed

Grade: B

Taylor performed adequately as a deep injury fill-in for the injury-ravaged Packers line.

Taylor is a known commodity who has shown he can provide quality snaps as a starter when called upon, so signing him to a 2 year deal makes sense.

It’s over 2 mil a year though, which is a little much, but the guaranteed is next to nothing, so there’s really nothing at all wrong with this contract.



Re-Sign Vince Kowalski, OT: no contract details

Grade: TBD



Re-Sign Nick Perry, OLB: 1 year, $5 million

Grade: C

This signing is puzzling. Of course, Ted Thompson is staying in-house during free agency.

I just have to wonder why they’re paying so much for potential here with Perry, he’s never really played up to his billing.

Not sure why the Packers expect things to be different this season.

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