Redskins Free Agency 2016

Kendall Reyes, DE/DT: 1 years, $2.5 million

Grade: C+


Reyes had a pretty bad season in 2015 and has generally never lived up to his potential.

He’s 26 so if he still has time to get better, but he’s entering his prime years, so the jump should come very soon if it ever does.

That in mind, the Redskins are buying low on potential but high on lack of production. Because of this, I don’t love the deal.



Tress Way, P: 5 years, unknown amount

Grade: TBD



Logan Paulsen, TE: 1 year, unknown amount

Grade: TBD



Re-Sign Colt McCoy, QB: 3 years, $9 million

Grade: B+

McCoy is an adequate backup quarterback who can provide solid snaps off the bench.

If he has to start, the Redskins are in trouble, but for just $3 million a year, they’re doing pretty well, as long as they invest that money they’re saving wisely elsewhere.



Duke Ihenacho, S: 1 year, $1.67 million

Grade: A

Ihenacho started 14 games and played fairly well for the Broncos back in 2013. He’s a classic in-the-box safety with a fairly small frame.

He still provides solid snaps when on the field, but has been unable to win a starting job since that breakout season. He’s ideal depth and is a bargain at this price tag.



Mason Foster, LB: 2 year, $2.5 million, $350,000 guaranteed

Grade: A

Foster is, at this point, a very undervalued reserve linebacker who has starter experience and can still play extensive snaps when called upon.

Adequate against both the run and the pass, Foster is also a solid special teams contributor. He’s the ideal backup, and getting paid the perfect amount for that role.

I love this signing.



Kedric Golston, DE: 1 year, $1 million

Grade: B+

He’s an old veteran who’s always been a solid rotational piece that excels against the run.

So long as he still has something left in the tank, it makes sense to resign him for the vet. minimum, which the Skins have. He may also offer some wisdom to the youngsters.



Kirk Cousins, QB: 1 year, $19.95 million, fully guaranteed (franchise tag)

Grade: A

Cousins was a solid starting QB in the league last year. While paying him for one year like he’s an elite player may seem painful, it’s better than the two alternatives: letting him walk or buying him long-term.

Cousins has had one good season and must prove it consistently in order to be rewarded with a lucrative long-term deal.

The Redskins brass showed a lot of poise and intelligence not getting suckered in after one successful season, so I love it.

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