Steelers Free Agency 2016

Ladarius Green, TE: 5 years, $20 million

Grade: A


Green is an ascending player who never really got a chance to show off his insane skill-set.

He’s a scary height-weight-speed combination that should thrive as a starter for the Steelers who needed it after the retirement of Heath Miller.

My one worry is that he hasn’t had that breakout season yet, but other teams paid more for less potential.



Re-Sign William Gay, CB: 3 years, $7.5 million

Grade: A

Gay was far and away the best and most consistent of the Steelers corners.

He was a stabilizing force on a defense in flux. He’s well worth just about 2 and a half mil a year. This is definitely a hometown discount.

He may not be a legitimate corner one, but the Steelers needed to keep him.



Re-Sign Ramon Foster, G: 3 years, $9.6 million, $2.8 million guaranteed

Grade: A+

This is incredible value for Foster, who graded out as the fifth best available guard in the NFL in 1234 graded snaps.

I’m honestly baffled by this contract, as Foster took a massive hometown discount and would have entered a market where similar players were getting 7 million a year.

Foster is an excellent pass blocker whose solid in the run game as well. This is a missed opportunity for Foster that the Steelers will benefit from greatly.



Re-Sign Robert Golden, S: 3 years, $4.95 million

Grade: A

This is a solid re-signing for the Steelers. Golden is good depth at safety and played pretty well. He’s good in run support and adequate in coverage and just 25 years old.

At a little over 1.5 mil a year, this is actually somewhat of a bargain, especially when you look at the Sendejo contract. Man, that made me laugh.



Re-Sign Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR: 3 years, $3.8 million, $400k guaranteed

Grade: B

Bey has never come close to living up to his dubious first round selection. He’s always had inconsistent hands.

He’s matured in other areas, and provided some solid snaps for the Steelers last year. Roethlisberger seemed to have some chemistry with him, and he has the skill-set Pittsburgh covets from its receivers.

Being a fourth option, he should probably be paid a bit less, but this isn’t terrible. Plus, the guaranteed money is basically nothing so there’s no real risk.

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