2017 Free Agency Grades

Welcome back to my personal favorite time of the year, the offseason! A time of hope and wonder where we can even pretend that the Browns might improve to a four-win team if we just give them that extra 20 million in cap space.

Here, I will be covering what I feel to be the most interesting moves of the offseason, providing grades and insight as to potential fit and contract worthiness.


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Brandon Marshall, WR: 2 years, $12 million

Grade: B+


After the absurd spending spree that kicked off last offseason for the Giants, which I roundly abused in last year’s edition, I’m digging the more under-the-radar approach, at least to start with here.

Marshall is not the player he once was, but there was no stability at quarterback for the Jets, and we saw similar decline in production in similar less-than-ideal quarterback situations for much younger guys in DeAndre Hopkins and Allen Robinson.

This, at least, should give the Giants brass hopes that a merely adequate starting quarterback in Eli Manning can help Marshall in the twilight of his career.

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